What is M2M technology?

M2M - Machine-to-Machine - is the communication between machines that enables you to process faster, more efficient and safer. It is based on the mobile data technology, which enables the comprehensive data transmission as well as the remote control, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance of individual modules or complete systems worldwide and opens up a variety of new business opportunities.

M2M communication connects machines with each other to make processes smoother. The devices to be monitored, such as machines, systems or sensors are connected via standard interfaces to an M2M hardware device and transmit the data wirelessly via mobile communication to a central server for further processing.

Advantages of M2M

Lower costs

Automation optimizes your business processes and minimizes costs.

New business fields

Innovative products and services increase customer benefits.

Greater efficiency

Continuous information and control of machines ensure greater efficiency.

Better quality

Real-time data improves availability, customer service and product development.

More safety

Immediate alerting of a malfunction and anticipatory planning reduce risks.

Areas of application


M2M requires a powerful network for data transfer and a vendor that provides the company with individual solutions.

We are happy to advise you on the implementation of your individual solution.