eSIM - the solution of the future

New concept with key functionality for M2M and IoT solutions
The embedded SIM (eSIM, also referred to as eUICC) is firmly installed in contrast to conventional SIM card and not interchangeable. It offers all the functions of regular SIM cards with decisive advantages: If the network operator is changed, the card does not need to be swapped, but can simply be changed wireless with OTA (Over-the-Air).

Especially with M2M applications, these fixed and smaller eSIM cards (5 x 6 x 0.9 mm) are much less sensitive to shocks, dust and temperature fluctuations and enable a longer and trouble-free service life.

Advantages of eSIM

  • Save space due to their flatter and smaller design
  • No mechanical defects when inserting or changing the SIM card
  • Easy handling
  • Less prone to dirt and dust and can be constructed waterproof
  • No adapter required when changing to other card size

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