Traditional SIM vs Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM

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24. May 2019

Traditional SIM vs Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM

What are the main differences between a traditional SIM and the Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM?
How does your company benefit from it?

Traditional SIM vs Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM Chart

SIM Formats

The one thing in common between Traditional SIMs and Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIMs are the available SIM formats. Traditional SIMs as well as Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIMs are available in the formats Standard SIM (1FF), Mini SIM (2FF), Micro SIM (3FF), Nano SIM (4FF) and eSIM (MFF2, eUICC) to meet the needs of each device.


Provider dependency & remote control

Traditional SIMs depend on one network provider. Therefore, there can only be one provider profile and one provider specific preferred roaming network per SIM.
This means that separate SIMs are necessary for each network operator. Consequently, to change the network operator a physical SIM exchange is required.

Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIMs are provider independent. Furthermore, there are several provider profiles and several provider roaming networks on one Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM.
Thus, you just need one Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIM for all network operators worldwide. In addition, network operators can be changed and updated remotely (OTA, over-the-air), eliminating the need for physical SIM exchange.


Steering & best coverage

Most network providers steer at their cheapest cost instead of the best coverage for their customers.

Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIMs have no steering, therefore they are always automatically connected with the best network operator available (best coverage selection) – that means worldwide stable and real best coverage for you and your devices. Furthermore, we tailor our offers exactly to the requirements and individual needs of your company and offer customer-specific pay per use rates.



If you want to be provider-independent without ever having to change SIMs in your devices, and you want the assurance of always having the best and most stable connectivity automatically, Datamobile Multi-IMSI SIMs are the perfect choice for your business.


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